Why you should have your property inspected

Platinum Property Inspections gives several reasons for Prescott home inspectionPlatinum Property Inspections gives several reasons for Prescott home inspectionHave you just identified that perfect home for you and your family? You may be so taken by the home and its perfect fit that you are tempted to save a few bucks and forego the inspection. Platinum Property Inspections gives several reasons why you should definitely have that Prescott home inspected.

A Possible “Out”
If there are problems with the home, a quality inspection will reveal that critical information. Not only will it give you an understanding of current problems, but potential ones, too. Many purchase contracts are contingent upon information in the inspection report, and if major issues are detected, your realtor can assist you in making a counteroffer. If the seller is unwilling to accept terms of the counteroffer, it may allow you to back out of the offer to buy.

A home inspection can detect safety issues. You do not want to go in to a new home unaware of issues like mold. This is one of the silent health hazards that can be lurking in a home.

Is the home legal?
The home may be appealing to you because of its size and add-ons. But, were those add-ons and alterations to the home done with proper permits and within codes? This is so important to be made aware of because it will affect the value of the home and other aspects like insurance, taxes, etc. Just realize, you may be purchasing a larger home, but the value is still stuck at its original size if the proper codes and permits were not followed.

Even “as-is” home purchases could use an inspection. “As-is” may be a bigger problem than you are willing to get involved with.

Negotiation Tool
Negotiation. A home inspection report in some cases can be a negotiating tool. Make sure your realtor knows how to utilize an inspection report for your benefit.

Maintenance Budget Tool
All homes require ongoing maintenance. An inspection report will open your eyes on what to expect with long-term maintenance costs.

Lending and insurance companies may require an inspection. Even if they do not require it, you may get better rates with a quality inspection report.

It is ultimately your responsibility to understand the home you are about to buy. Don’t let that dream home become the nightmare home and take you by surprise. For a free estimate or to schedule a thorough inspection for your Prescott home, contact Platinum Property Inspections at 928-713-0889. We serve all of Yavapai County with affordable, quality property inspections.