Why you need an inspection on your new home

Platinum Property Inspections can handle the inspection on your new Prescott homeYou’ve found the perfect home in Prescott, the paperwork is in process. Platinum Property Inspections would like to remind you of one more important thing you need before closing the deal – a complete home inspection. Not only will a home inspection give you peace of mind about your new home purchase, but it will give you confidence that there are no safety or structural issues. Here are a few reasons why you should have a home inspection before closing on your new home:

  • Your new home looks perfect to you. It’s a big investment and you assume everything is in working order. Getting a home inspection will ensure that it does not become a nightmare. A home inspection will look at all of the major systems (electrical, plumbing, structure) to make sure everything is in good condition, or if problems are found, they can be addressed before taking possession of the home, rather than becoming a major headache after you move in.
  • Home inspections are affordable. This is the “no-brainer” reason. Depending on the size of the home, you can expect a home inspection report to cost approximately $300-$500. Compared to the sizeable investment you are about to make, this small price tag can save you money and frustration. There may be very little, if anything, wrong with the home, but the investment in a home inspection will assure both the buyer and seller that everything is in order.
  • Home inspections will review any potential safety issues such as: carbon monoxide, mold, blocked chimney, structural or water damage, etc. These type of safety issues are often things that are not visible when walking through the house. Only an in-depth inspection will bring these to light so they can be reviewed.
  • A home inspection will confirm that any additions or changes that have been made were properly permitted and built to meet local building codes. This is important because when you become the homeowner, the responsibility of any open or non-permitted construction will become your responsibility.
  • A professional home inspection will check to make sure that any required safety features, such as fire alarms and CO2 detectors are in place.
    After a home inspection, you will receive a complete report on the condition of the property, as well as notes on any items that need repairs or any damage to the home.

Be advised, not surprised, when you are purchasing your new home. Prescott Property Inspections would like to work with you to make sure you know all about your new Prescott home before closing the transaction. Please call us today, or have your real estate professional call, to schedule your home inspection at 928-713-0889.