Why it is wise to have a home inspection done for winter

For resdiential or commercial property inspections, contact Platinum Property Insepctions in Prescott. Winter in Prescott often times brings the snow, rain and ice, or at least low temperatures and frost. Contrary to what you might think, that is the perfect time to schedule a home inspection. Platinum Property Inspections explains why it is a wise decision to get your home inspected for winter in Prescott.

The only systems that may be off limits to an inspection when there is heavy snow or ice would be the AC unit, roof and drainage systems. In Prescott, we rarely have weather that is that restrictive, but if we do, Platinum Property Investments can schedule the time to come back around and inspect those systems.

Now, let’s get to why it is a good idea. During extreme weather, the home can come under all kinds of stress and possible damage. We can find that damage during the winter months, so that it does not present as emergencies as it warms up. This will often happen with plumbing systems. The leaks tend to show when everything has a chance to thaw out.

Plumbing is an obvious, but another thing that is easy for us to inspect when it is cold out are drafts and insulation problems, as well as the structural integrity.

Snow and ice do present some challenges, but the benefits of inspecting in the Prescott winter months far outweigh those challenges. Why not invest this winter in maintaining the value of your home by making sure that all of the systems are working properly. To schedule an inspection on your home, call the experts at Platinum Property Inspections at 928-713-0889.