Why have a home inspection during the rainy season

Count on Platinum Property Inspections to thoroughly inspect your Prescott home, especially during the rainy season.Who thinks about having a home inspection when it’s pouring down rain? The professionals at Platinum Property Inspections do! Whether you’re a buyer or a seller or just want to know that your Prescott home is sound, nothing reveals trouble like a lot of rain.

When the weather is dry, a walk-through might not be as revealing as it should. Roof leaks and flooded basements are only the beginning of what your home inspector could find throughout your home during foul weather.

  • Does your yard have standing water after a hard rain?
  • Does the grade of your property invite excess heavy rain down your driveway and into your garage or living room?
  • Does a hard rain leave water standing around the foundation?
  • Is there evidence of rain that has come through the seals of your home’s older windows?
  • Is water spilling over your gutters instead of running down and out of them?

Damp basements, clogged gutters and a seeping attic might only reveal themselves while it’s raining. Flooded basements and dripping buckets are the obvious signs of potentially significant problems, but a home inspection during the rainy season can reveal everything that you want to know in order to make the repairs needed to preserve the integrity of your home.

Sellers who know, in advance, of weaknesses in their home revealed during a foul-weather home inspection, can take care of repairs before the listing. Having your home thoroughly inspected before you sell will only make your home more marketable. If you are selling your home, don’t wait for the buyer’s inspection report to learn about necessary repairs. And whether you’re selling your home or have no plans of making a change, think how comforting it will be to learn that after a thorough wet-weather inspection your home passes with flying colors.

You can make sure your Prescott home is safe and sound – and dry. Now is the time to call the experts at Platinum Property Inspections at 928-713-0889 to schedule your home inspection.