What’s covered in a property inspection?

Platinum Property Inspections shares what's covered in your Prescott property inspectionHave you ever wondered what exactly a property inspector is looking for? You may have seen him or her under the sink, up in the attic, or even on the roof. An inspection can cover most every aspect of a property, including electrical, HVAC, and structural components. Platinum Property Inspections shows you some of the finer details of a property inspection in Prescott.

Structural Components: Inspectors are trained to assess the integrity of foundational elements. These can include potential damage to the property’s foundation, decks or porches that appear unsafe, stair sets that require a handrail, and damaged or disconnected gutters and downspouts. Furthermore, structural inspections mean evaluating the condition of windows and doors, the state of crawl spaces and vents, and potential drainage concerns.  

Inspecting the yard: Whether it’s a fence in need of repair, personal property or debris in the yard, or overgrown trees, an inspection will indicate exactly what condition a home is in. Even a pool or hottub will be inspected to determine if there is missing equipment or whether a surrounding fence or gate is necessary.

Kitchens, bathrooms, and basements: Every component and appliance is assessed in a kitchen. Is there a microwave and range present? Garbage disposals and refrigerators make the list, too. Inspections also include toilets, tubs, and showers, as well as water heaters and HVAC equipment. In basements, an inspector will check the condition of sump pumps and look for evidence of water penetration and damage.

A well-trained inspector with years of experience will know exactly what to look for on the job and provide a property owner with a clear idea of the condition of a home. Platinum Property Inspections knows how important your property and investments are to you. To find out about our residential and commercial inspection services in Prescott give us a call at 928-713-0889.