We help detect code violations before you purchase your home

A thorough home inspection by a reliable inspector is a must when purchasing a home. Platinum Property Inspections discusses the primary areas of your potential Prescott dream home that should be evaluated to ensure the house you want to buy is up to code.

The exterior is regarded as the most critically affected area of a home and should be thoroughly checked to ensure that your home is safe and functioning properly. The most important area inspected begins with the foundation. It’s what keeps the house standing. Problems with a foundation can affect every aspect of a home. The roof is another highly important area to thoroughly inspect and evaluate for safety and functionality.

Floors, Walls, and Ceiling
The floors, walls, and ceiling, being more visible to the naked eye, are easier for an inspector to detect obvious damage or flaws. Any stairs in your home, whether inside or outside, are especially concerning. Uneven or unstable staircases can mean your home falls short of being up to code, but more importantly they can be extremely dangerous.

Windows and Doors
All windows and doors should be thoroughly examined to make sure that they open and close properly. They should be inspected for damage and any evidence of air or water leaks. Your inspection should also include ensuring that locks on doors and windows work properly.

Plumbing & Electrical
Everything must work properly including all the faucets, shower installments, wiring, circuits, and circuit breakers. All plumbing should be tested for any leaks and for the correct water pressure.

Platinum Property Inspections reminds you that home inspections are not limited to these categories, but these areas are so important that they should be checked and rechecked during the inspection. If you think you’ve found your Prescott dream home, call the experts at Platinum Property Inspections at 928-713-0889 and schedule your inspection today.