Want to Know What Will Be Inspected in Your Home?

What Are Home Inspection Service Forms?

A home inspection service form is used as a guide when an inspector is touring a property. These forms are also given to the real estate agent, seller, and potential buyer. The home inspector will frequently use the same forms for existing home tour and new home inspections. They do vary depending upon the location of a home and all the rules and regulations in force.

A home inspection is generally needed by a lender before the sale of a home can move forward. The results of a home inspection will usually determine if the mortgage requested is approved. A new home inspection is often not necessary, however, it is recommended as building errors can result in expensive repairs with a new home. The most commonly used forms include a home inspection service agreement, inspection checklist, and a home inspection report form.

The home inspection service agreement is normally needed before an inspection can start. This basically releases the inspector from any responsibility pertaining to defects which occur in a home as a result of an inspection. For example, should the inspector remove a roof panel and it breaks, the liability will fall to the homeowner. The agreement also includes the cost of a home inspection to the homeowner.

A checklist is the most important part of home inspection forms. This guides the home inspection. Some topics which are often included are structural elements, exterior evaluation, and all electrical and plumbing components. While there are areas in a home which needs to be covered, the checklist can actually be changed based on what local needs are. For example, when a property is close to the ocean, the inspection could include checking stilts which elevate the home. 

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