Tips to Avoid Getting Nasty Remark in Building Inspections

Building Inspection Checklist 101

As a business owner, there are times that you have to sell your properties to invest in something more. For one, if you own a building downtown and you’re raring to sell it for the right price, there are things you can do so it will have a positive report during a building inspection. Getting a negative feedback will lead your potential buyers on the market to break the line. Here are some of the factors that will either make or break the deal:



If you want to ensure that your building will get sold with the right price, you have to make sure that the stumps or concrete slabs are in tip-top shape. Most building inspection experts will check this part because this is the foundation of the structure. If there are stumps that are munched on by subterranean termites or concrete slabs that are cracked because of the presence of water, your building is likely to undergo renovation before you can sell it.



One rule of the thumb when getting your building sold is to inspect it from the ground up. Is the roof rusty or damaged? Is the roof old? Replacing these can cost you a lot of money. Again, you can talk to the buyer if he or she will add another floor to the building. However, doing so will lessen the value of your building and it may take a while until someone will be interested in this. If you’re in a rush, replacement is better.



No one wants to buy a property that has been a breeding place for cockroaches, rats, and termites. These pests can deal a lot of damage to the property. If you have either of these, it’s best to get rid of them once and for all. Don’t leave timber or old wooden furniture lying around the building and ALWAYS keep the building clean. It’s important if someone has to check the place once in a while, too!

Building inspection is an important factor when it comes to selling or buying a building. If you’re looking for a building inspection expert who can help you sell or buy properties, look no further than Platinum Property Inspections in Prescott, AZ. Call us at 928-713-0889 so we know where we can assist you.