Tips for a Breezy Home Inspection

How to Make It Through a Visit From the Home Inspector

It’s understandable if a home or building inspection makes you nervous. Even when you do all you can to make sure your home is truly trouble-free, there’s still a chance for a home inspector to find something you may have missed. If you’ve pulled out all the stops to rectify visible blunders, though, it’s nothing to feel bad about. If you’re still a little nervous about the whole thing, here are a few tips to keep in mind to survive that inspection:


Hire a Professional

It’s best to call in an expert that’s frank and impartial with you. They must be transparent about the state of your home since, after all, it’s their job to find anything that’s less than the standard. It’s a must for the professional you hire to be honest, competent, and inquisitive, but they also should be credible and licensed.


Show Up

Always be present when the home inspector arrives. It’s your duty to be there to let them in and show them around. Be there to answer any questions they have about the work done on your property.


Ask Questions

Home inspection is a two-way street. The inspector can survey the area, but it also helps for you to be transparent about the history of your home with regards to repairs and construction work. Furthermore, you may also ask questions to your inspector if you don’t understand any standards or if certain newly-discovered issues.


Take Notes and Pictures

You can have your inspector take pictures of the area they’ll check, or you can do so yourself. This is especially important in places deemed substandard, as they will give you a better idea of the issues your home has.

A home inspector should be nothing to fuss about. It’s not unheard of for issues to be discovered in places you might not have paid attention to, so be open to the notion that your home isn’t as perfect as you expect. If you’re looking for expert and impartial home inspections in Prescott, AZ, we at Platinum Property Inspections are the team to call. Call us now at 928-713-0889 for inquiries.