Platinum Property Inspections Prescott AZHome Inspection Services

Platinum Property Inspections is the inspection company you can trust to provide accurate and fast reports on the actual state of your property. I have twenty-one years of experience in the industry, and I work Monday to Saturday to cater to my customers. I am fully licensed and certified to provide my services to clients in Prescott, AZ.

Residential Inspection Service

Before you make your first investment in real estate, call me. I am the local home inspector you can trust to provide you with accurate and fast home inspections that are affordable. I want to make sure that my clients are getting the best deal for their money, so I provide my general home inspection to check the foundation, roof, external structures, and safety of the property that they intend to buy or sell. My inspection is thorough, and I provide a detailed written report that can be used for your negotiations.

Commercial Inspection Service

I work with commercial clients to provide an unbiased and factual report on the state of their commercial properties. Our commercial home inspection is the biggest tool an investor would need to determine whether a certain property is a wise investment. A commercial inspection is just as thorough as a regular home inspection, but it focuses more on immediate needs of the property. The report will answer whether certain elements like the roof, gutters, foundation, and other structures will last for at least the next ten years. This service helps the property investor make an informed decision on whether to purchase a commercial property.

For the services of a residential home inspector, come to Platinum Property Inspections. I have many years of experience providing my clients in Prescott, AZ and the nearby areas with reliable and accurate inspection reports they can use in their business dealings. I am available six days a week to cater to commercial and residential inspections. To book my services, call 928-713-0889.