Know about common problems found in home inspections

Platinum Property Inspections can thoroughly inspect your Prescott home and detect issues before they become problemsMaking a home purchase is no small matter. Whether you’ve found your live-in-ready dream home or an older home that will need some TLC, it’s of major importance to know what you’re getting. Platinum Property Inspections wants Prescott home buyers to know what to look for. Here are the most common problems found in home inspections.

Water damage: Water is the number one enemy of home structures, and can cause foundation problems as well as mold. The property inspector looks around the home to see if the ground slopes toward the home. If it does, water could seep into the crawlspace, and cause walls to rot as well as cause mold. If doors or windows are out of square, or floors are out of level, this could be a result of water seepage, and could be a costly problem.

Stucco: There could be major problems that arise if stucco is not applied correctly. Where the foundation meets the bottom plate, a weep screed is applied. This is to allow water that enters the stucco through cracks or around fixtures to shed down along the house wrap, and out of the building. If concrete patios or sidewalks are poured too high and the weep screed is not exposed,  water can’t shed down and may enter the walls of the home.

Roof: The roof is in place to keep the interior of the home dry. As roofing materials wear and age, there is a risk of water leakage and interior damage. Since the condition of roofing materials is difficult or impossible to see from the ground, a professional property inspection can detect these potential issues.

Electrical Wiring: House fires are commonly caused by faulty wiring, making this an important aspect of the home inspection. In older homes, if extension cords are running through the rooms, that could indicate that too much burden is being placed on the electrical system. Wiring that is joined with only connectors and/or electrical tape is typically a do-it-yourself item, which should redone by a licensed electrician.

Since moisture is at the top of the list of defects discovered in home inspections, and can do the most costly damage, make sure you hire an experienced professional to perform your home inspection. For a free estimate or to schedule a thorough inspection for your Prescott home, contact Platinum Property Inspections at 928-713-0889.