For a Thorough House Inspection

Platinum Property InspectionsLike in any field, the home inspection industry has a lot of home inspectors who call themselves professionals. If you want a reliable service, you should hire a certified inspector. Getting this certification is not easy. There are certain training you have to go through. You also have to pass an exam that tests your construction knowledge. As a sole home inspector in Platinum Property Inspections, I have gone through the certification process with the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration. I am certified to inspect your house anywhere in Prescott, AZ.

People might ask what you would need the house inspection for. They would think it is a waste of money. On the contrary, there are a lot of reasons for hiring my services. Here are some reasons you might need my services:


Buying a House

Before buying a house, you’ll would want to know its integrity. You want to make sure you would are investing your money in something you would be able to use for a long time. With my services, I will thoroughly check the interior and exterior part of the house. From the attic to the basement, even in crawl spaces, each part will be checked for damages and insect activities. 


Selling a House

If you are selling your house, you would want to sell it for the best price. In order for you to give it the best price, you have to make sure there are no damages in the house. Through my inspection, you will know ahead of time if there are places that need repairs. With my 21 years of experience in the construction business, I know the signs of damage or insect activity. Before selling the house, you can have it repaired. You would then be able to put a good price for it.


Home Maintenance and Repair

If a damage is not attended to immediately, it can get worse. But there are damages that are not visible in an untrained eye. With a house inspection, these damages will be noticed and brought to your attention. Through my training, I would be able to detect these damages, even if they are not very obvious. You can have it repaired then.

For a house inspection in Prescott, AZ, contact Platinum Property Inspections. Call me today at 928-713-0889.