Quality Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

Platinum Property Inspections Prescott AZBuying a residential or commercial building involves a huge amount. If you’re planning to purchase one as well, it is paramount to consider a building inspection service. A pre-purchase inspection gives a buyer the opportunity to find out more about the building they’re planning to buy and if it’s worth it.

For over 21 years, Platinum Property Inspections continues to evaluate buildings for buyers in Prescott, AZ and the surrounding areas. I have been in the business to ensure each individual receives a certain justification for the time, money, and effort they invest in purchasing a property.

As a registered professional, my know-how in the industry gives me the capability to thoroughly inspect a building’s current status. I don’t leave an area of the building you’re eyeing on unchecked. I assess a structure’s HVAC, electrical, plumbing, walls, and so much more. Leave the task to me and you’ll be sure that I will provide you with a complete report.

A report doesn’t only include my findings, but also how they affect the value of a building. The value of a building is factored by its fixtures and how well it is maintained. Without the assistance of a building inspection specialist, a buyer is likely to pay more than it’s accurate value.

I understand that hiring a handyman for the task might seem more viable. But in the long run, my specialized assessment and report can help you since I make sure a structure follows the building codes. Moreover, you can use this as a documentation for the application of a mortgage or property insurance.

When you’re in need of my capabilities to ensure a building meets your needs, don’t hesitate to call. Here at Platinum Property Inspections, we strive for competitive rates as well as quality and reliable results. Visit my office in Prescott, AZ or give me a call at 928-713-0889. I would be happy to ensure a building is worth every dollar you spend.