New Home Warranty Inspections

Platinum Property Inspections Prescot AZNew homes can have problems, too!

Sure, a new home may look flawless, new houses can be plagued with hidden defects. You don’t want to find out about defective items until after you have moved in or when you are ready to sell your home. Then the costs of repairs may be yours!


New homes aren’t always built to code

We know what you’re wondering, “don’t county building inspectors make sure a new home is up to snuff?” They should, but city and county building inspectors may not go into attics, or inspect the rooftops. New products can be riddled with flaws that are caught only after they’ve been use by consumers. City or county inspectors do not check everything.


Why new homes should ideally get two inspections

If you’re buying a home under construction, you should have it inspected twice. The first time should be to inspect framing and systems before the walls are closed up. The second should be after the home is complete. Inside and out, everything will be inspected!


Protect yourself for the future – Inspections and Warranties

If you’re not part of the construction process of your new home, or buy a spec house after it’s completed, It is a good idea to add a home inspection contingency to your sales contract and hire an inspector to review the property before closing. Not only will an inspector make sure the house and systems are sound, but if you are present for the inspection, the inspector can also teach you how to operate and maintain your new home.

Typically builders provide a one year warranty on the house and its components, and are responsible for structural defects for two years. Most settling will occur within the first 7 years, but signs of stress and structural difficulties appear within the first year or two. Your new home warranty is a valuable asset which is often neglected. It is nearly impossible to have defects corrected by the builder once your home’s warranty has expired. Protect yourself with a new home or home warranty inspection, save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars if a defect is found and corrected under warranty!