Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to my frequently asked questions page. Here, I will list down just a few of the most common questions my clients ask me. I have added my answer so you know what to expect from me when you hire Platinum Property Inspections in Prescott, AZ for your annual property inspection. Feel free to contact me at 928-713-0889 if you cannot find the answers you are looking for.

Q: What is a house inspection? 

A: An inspection is an objective visual examination of the structure and systems of a building. Having a house inspected from the foundations to the rooftop is like giving it a check-up. If any problems are found, the home inspector will suggest the right solutions and fix them on time.

Q: What does a property inspection service include?

A: A standard house inspection report will review the condition of the major systems in the building, including electrical, HVAC, plumbing, roofing, basement, insulation, walls, attic, floors, appliances, doors & windows, and more.

Q: Why should one have a home professionally inspected?

A: If you own a property, an inspection service may be used to help you identify problems in the making and to learn preventative maintenance measures which might avoid costly future repair work. If you are planning to sell the house, you may wish to have an inspection to properly evaluate its price.

Q: Does a standard service offer a radon test?

A: To get your home checked for radon you have to make sure you are working with a home inspector certified by the EPA. If you are interested in using this particular service, contact Platinum Property Inspections, and I will be more than happy to suggest the right solution for you.

Q: How long does an inspection service take? 

A: A professional inspection usually takes between two to three hours for standard size buildings. However, for older buildings or homes with additions, the specialist may take longer to perform his job.

Q: How much will a building inspection service cost me?

A: The cost of such a service varies with the size, age, and the number of systems the building has. To get a personalized quote, you can call me for an in-home consultation in Prescott, AZ. I will be more than happy to come and give you an individualized solution.

Q: Should the homeowner be present for the building inspection?

A: In most cases, this is not necessary, but I strongly recommend all my clients observe what I do and ask questions if they have any. This way, I can educate them about the condition of their home, how the systems work, and how to maintain them. They will also find my written reports easier to understand.

Q: What if the report reveals issues?

A: No building is perfect, and if I identify any problems, this does not necessarily mean you should buy a new home. I will help you pinpoint the weaknesses and give you the most optimal repair solutions.

Q: Can I inspect my house myself? 

A: Even the most experienced property owners lack the expertise of a professional inspector who has the certificates and know-how. An expert is familiar with the many elements of buildings, their proper installation, and maintenance.