Everything You Have to Know About Our Foreclosure Property Inspection

Platinum Property Inspections Prescott AZHow do you know if a foreclosure property is safe and complies with building code? How do you find out? Simple: get in touch with a property inspection professional.

Platinum Property Inspections makes it easy for excited couples, individuals, or families to examine a property they have their eyes on. Having been trusted for over 21 years, I continue to provide quality and affordable property inspection services to the local community of Prescott, AZ and the surrounding areas.

When planning to purchase a property, you know that it involves a huge chunk of money. Of course, you naturally expect the property to live up to its value, but what if it doesn’t? I protect the amount you’re investing by assessing every nook and cranny, top to bottom, of a foreclosed property.

Once a bank forecloses a property, they “winterize” it. This involves shutting down all utilities in a property. Although everything might seem normal, once an electrical or water system is turned on, utility problems could arise. There are numerous cases wherein a plumbing system won’t work due to a fault with the pipeline and electrical devices not working. These are but a few possible issues with a winterized property. Partnering with my services ensures each system in a foreclosure property is thoroughly checked. I look into other factors that can affect a property like pest control, hazards, and others, too.

Another part of what I do is to ensure safety. In purchasing a property, there are might be areas that require repairs. Wall cracks and/or saggy floors might seem trivial to an individual but these will pave the way for structural damage, which has the potential for damage or even injure. Don’t let you or your family experience this at your new property by getting in touch with my services!

I am a highly trained and experienced professional who’s capable of doing a complete evaluation of a foreclosed property. I scrutinize a foreclosed property to ensure safety for you and your family as well as guarantee the money you’ve invested in it.

Here at Platinum Property Inspections, I strive to educate buyers on the different conditions that can make a property well-suited for their needs. Contact me at 928-713-0889 or visit my office in Prescott, AZ if you need help with a foreclosure inspection.