Home inspections and what to expect

Platinum Property Inspections is your expert for thorough home inspections in Prescott and all of Yavapai CountyAt long last you’ve found the perfect home…or so it seems. It has all the features you wanted and it looks like your dream is coming true. But just because it looks like it’s in good condition doesn’t mean there are no problems. Platinum Property Inspections reminds you that before you finalize that home sale in Prescott, you need to have a thorough home inspection. And here’s what you should expect from your home inspector:

Certification: When you choose a home inspector, you should ask about qualifications and experience. If a home inspector is certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors, you can be assured that the inspector has undergone rigorous technical exams and has performed over 250 inspections prior to certification.

What will be inspected: The inspection should include the structure of the home and the home’s systems, including: electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, roof, foundation, floors, basement, attic, and insulation. Keep in mind that if you have the home inspected in winter, there may be issues that are only discoverable during the summer months, such as the air conditioning unit. Inaccessible systems or areas, such as septic tanks or wells, may need an additional inspection by a someone who specializes in those areas.

Ask questions: Your home inspector will provide a thorough report of the home’s condition. The report should give you an idea of the severity of any problems, and an estimate of the cost to repair them. If you are able to be present for the home inspection, you may have a better understanding of any issues that are detected. Being present for the inspection gives you the opportunity to ask questions of the inspector, and learn how to best maintain systems of the home.

The report: A typical home inspection could take two to three hours, and you should receive a detailed report with all the inspector’s findings. Problems that are identified could be minor, and your inspector can advise how to best deal with them. If you find that the problems are more than you want to deal with, discuss with your real estate agent or seller. You may find the seller is willing to make repairs or you may be able to cancel the sales contract.

Platinum Property Inspections is certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors and understands what you expect from a thorough, quality home inspection in Prescott. To ensure your peace of mind when you purchase your home, call for a free estimate at 928-713-0889