Home inspection does not replace a termite inspection

Platinum Property Inspections advises that a Prescott home inspection does not replace a termite inspectionIf you have ever bought or sold a home, you may be familiar with termite inspections. The subterranean termite that makes its home in Arizona can cause severe damage to structural wood in homes and buildings. While a termite inspection is required by most lenders, Platinum Property Inspections wants to make sure homeowners know that a termite inspection is separate from your Prescott property inspection.

The purpose of a termite inspection is to determine if there is, or has been, evidence of infestation or damage from termites or other wood-destroying insects and organisms. If a termite problem exists, there needs to be assurance that the property has been professionally treated to destroy the pests.

A home inspection is completed for different reasons. For a prospective home buyer, it helps identify potential problems to avoid costly repairs in the future. If you are a seller, the inspection is useful to ensure the home has a proper valuation, as well as detect issues that may negatively impact the sale of your home. The property inspection includes a complete assessment of the home, including visual inspection of the foundation, roof and external structures.

The property inspector also thoroughly examines major systems in the home including electrical, HVAC (heating and air conditioning), and plumbing systems, as well as:

•Basement and attic
•Floors and walls
•Doors and windows

Whether or not your lender requires it, it’s in your best interest as a home buyer to include a termite inspection in your pre-purchase requirements. In addition, you owe it to yourself to have a certified professional perform your home inspection. Trust your Prescott home inspection to Platinum Property Inspections, and let us provide you peace of mind at an affordable price. To schedule an appointment anywhere in the Quad Cities area, contact us at 928-713-0889.