Helpful Guide on What to Expect in the Report

Tips from a Trusted Inspection Service Provider

The thrilling part of buying or selling properties is the seller or your building gets inspected. Inspectors will look around and examine every aspect of the building, from appearance and condition which includes HVAC systems, electrical wirings, plumbings, and drainage system. This is to assess the safety and value of your property as a whole and not as parts. It will also determine if you have a new or old structure. Inspection may consume a lot of time, depending on the size of the property. After that, a professional inspection service provider will provide a detailed report regarding the inspection.

While waiting for the result, there are things that you might want to discuss with the other party. If you’re the seller, the buyer might ask you a lot of questions regarding the repairs and costs. It’s best to prepare for the unexpected. Here are some helpful guide from a trusted inspection service on what to expect in the report



It’s rare if the inspector will tell you that everything is neat and well. Even a newly constructed building has some issues that must be considered before starting the operations. Your building is likely to suffer from damage over time, be it minor and major. And if you haven’t get it repaired because you might be thinking that the seller would renovate the whole building. There might be petty repairs that need to be attended and some might be over the top which you didn’t see it coming.


Unnecessary equipment

When selling your property, you have to understand that your property may have lapses. For one, if you think an old piano or an antique cabinet will add value, your seller might look at it as excessive or unnecessary. They might think that the piano is an additional burden to them or in the first place, useless. Also, an old rusty cabinet may be a home to pests that can inflict damage to the property soon. To be safe before inspection, make sure to get rid and dispose of any furniture and equipment.

Before enlisting your building to the market, make sure to hire a professional inspection service provider like Platinum Property Inspections in Prescott, AZ to proactively make preparations for you. This will help you achieve a stress-free and seamless operation. Call us at 928-713-0889 for inquiries.