Critical questions to ask about your home inspection

There is a reason you are hiring a home inspector. You want to get to know your Prescott home (or the one you are considering purchasing) beyond its pretty façade. So, you should ask your inspector the right questions. Platinum Property Inspections shares some critical questions to ask your home inspector.

You should attend your home inspection and ask your questions right then and there. The reason: This way you don’t need to try to interpret your inspector’s very technical report. It is much easier for both of you to have your inspector actually show you what’s going on with the house. Here are some critical questions to ask:

  • “Is this a big deal or a minor issue?” When people hear about problems with their home or the home they intend to purchase, they often panic. Stay calm – just ask the inspector whether he thinks the issue is a big deal. Most people are surprised to hear that most houses have similar issues and that they’re not deal breakers, even if they sound major.
  • “What does that mean?” Don’t be afraid to ask any questions about what the inspector is telling you. Make sure you understand the issue and why it matters.
  • “What’s that water spot on the ceiling, and is it a problem?” Don’t be shy about pointing out things that look like they may be a problem. For example, if there’s a water spot on the ceiling, maybe he needs to check it from the floor above to know what’s going on, which he probably will do without you asking. If anything is bothering you about the house, be sure to address it.

Platinum Property Inspections wants you to understand your home inspection and we welcome your questions. We provide a detailed, written report identifying potential issues to help you avoid costly future repairs. For a thorough inspection of the Prescott home or commercial building you may be looking to purchase, schedule an inspection by calling the experts at Platinum Property Inspections at 928-713-0889.