Orlando Valkov

They were fantastic. The inspector was extremely detailed with his review and offered quick and easy suggestions on how to take care of the small problems we had. When I had a question after moving into my house, he answered right away and helped me through every step of the problem I was having. He suggested a handyman that he knew that offered good rates and even called him for me. They were full of great advice and was extremely thorough. I would use him for any future home purchases in a heartbeat, and just an all around great guys. I was glad to have them as my home inspector.

John Pimentel

I used Platinum Property Inspections a couple of weeks ago for my home inspection on my condo in Prescott, AZ and they were AWESOME! Very easy to deal with and super informative. It`s really convenient too because they will give you a copy of the report in a binder at the end of the inspection and have it available online as well. They were very thorough and were helpful with preventative measures as well. It`s stressful when you are buying a house but they make the home inspection part much easier. I definitely recommend them!

Bill Vick

They are incredibly knowledgeable and professional. All of them did a thorough inspection on the home we are planning to buy and then took the time to answer all of our questions on the spot. We left the inspection with a notebook complete with a summary of the inspection, color photos and detailed information on everything inspected. The best part though was their willingness to answer more question several days after the inspection. They truly offer superior customer service before, during and after the job is done.

Stephanie Sumner

They were very clear and helpful as soon as they answered the phone. They scheduled us the very next day. When they came, they went right to work. They explain what they will do very clearly and answer all question thoughtfully. They a have a mobile mini-van that has everything in it, including a printer. You get your home inspection printed out immediately. Very competent people. They also take a credit card, which is nice because ALL our cash was wrapped up in our down payment. I would use them again for sure.

Tim Marrs

Platinum Property Inspections are very careful and really know what to look for. If you have any doubt about a house I suggest you hire Platinum Property Inspections to inspect it. If there is anything wrong they will find it! And their prices are really reasonable.

Harry Irwin

After a big flooding in my area, I had a lot of standing water in the basement. I called this company for a thorough home inspection, and they found mold contamination everywhere in the house. Thanks to their remediation plan, my home is back to normal now, and I am confident my family is safe!