A checklist for your home inspection

There are a number of red flags that can pop up while checking out a home that is on the market. It always helps to know what to look for when buying a house. Platinum Property Inspections shares a checklist for your Prescott home inspection.

During the initial home tour, you should inspect closely and mark down specific areas of the house that you want your inspector to examine more closely. Use the checklist below to guide you as you search the house. When inspecting the exterior:

  • Roof. Are there shingles missing on the roof? When will the roof need to be replaced?
    Is there flashing and trim installed? Are there any signs of leaks?
  • Foundation. Are there any trees near the foundation? Are there visible cracks on the outside walls?
  • Yard: Does the drainage slope away from the house? Are the walkways and driveway in good condition? Are there any soggy areas you notice?

Take note of any other potential problems on the exterior. Now for the interior:

  • Appliances (if included). What are the ages of the oven, refrigerator and dishwasher? Do the appliances appear to be well-maintained?
  • Structural elements. Are there any leaks under the sinks (bathrooms and kitchen)? Has there previously been a fire in the home? Do the walls show any cracks? Are there any stains on the floors, walls or ceilings?
  • Ventilation and sub-systems. Are there any odors in the house? (If there are, can you identify the source?) Does the water heater produce enough hot water? Do the heating and AC systems appear to be working? Is there a working exhaust fan in the kitchen?

Platinum Property Inspections hopes this checklist for your Prescott home inspection has been helpful to you. For a thorough inspection of the Prescott home or commercial building you may be looking to purchase, schedule an inspection in Prescott or Yavapai County by calling the experts at Platinum Property Inspections at 928-713-0889.